Holiday Crafts for Sykes

Some things will follow you until the end you die. About a year and a half ago I stopped working for Bergdorf’s Visual Merchandise dept, Artist Malcolm Hill and Burke & Pryde as a seasonal crafter for the famous Holiday Windows at BG. I love decorating, crafting and sketching, so when I decided to start decorating Sykes call center it wasn’t a surprise for anyone.
I made almost 100 snowflakes for xmas, I filled the call center of Lakeland2 with hearts and handmade mini cards for everyone for Valentine’s day and now we are loaded with St. Patrick’s Day decor. Even though the work at BG is 100 times harder, I feel like a mini David Hoey in change of the holiday decor changes. I’ll keep you posted guys

20160206_114430 20160220_103444 20151224_114250

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