Orlando Love

Even though I only went to school for graphic design in Orlando, Fl. 10 years ago, I feel a tremendous personal sadness for what the city and what the LGBT community went through during the weekend. Orlando is a vibrant and exciting city, its beautiful people and the amount of charisma I encountered has always been supreme.

The experience of going to Valencia College was delightful, and nourishing so much that it opened a whole new world for my career during my time in New York. I have maintained close connection with all my friends from my Otown days today and I’m very appreciative for their friendship shown this decade. During my school years, I partied with my gay best friend at Pulse, I was an avid party photographer in Orlando, Downtown following DJs around Orlando’s Church Street and International Drive.

I’m back in Florida now with a complete set of goals and drive, But there’s something that has never change for me…. Orlando. Some perspectives change but Orlando will and forever be my “Friend City.”

Otown is my Back to the Future, every time I go back to visit is like going back in time,  it’s all about my friends-my crew-my peeps, I loooove that we can laugh and goof like the last 10 years’s been nothing.

I know that the world is going the direction you point at it, how about if we start pointing the right direction.

If I’m going to die either by falling or by someone else’s hands why don’t just come out, come out from fear, come out from sorrow, come out from that dark empty place. As a society we have build closets that guards our most precious talents and essence. As a sarcastic community we confuse jokes and feelings, but we know what is real at the end of day. Let’s break the barriers of sarcasm and read between the lines.

The lines that read, “We as much as you are looking for love, we as much as you are avoiding pain, we as much as you are looking for happiness, just like you.”

Be strong, Be safe, Be great Orlando and the LGBT!


Here is a little tribute graphic to my Otown and the victims & families.  God Bless!
You can Download the FREE SAMPLE PNG graphic digital file here 
Otown – LGBT -Tribute Graphic (501 downloads)



Exiting Valencia College was always highlighted by this tree.


The apothecary in Orlando Downtown was a special piece I like to admire while walking drunk bar hopping.


My precious, adorable, super generous gay best friend (He was out of town during the massacre, I’m bless for that.)


These and many many more faculty & employees that make Valencia College in Orlando the best. I was working as a library computer labbie/photographer/graphics then.


Returning from Tampa family visits then.


Painting classes at Valencia.


ghetto child looking for trouble or materials for arts & crafts.


Early Sunday looking for scenes to take pics.


Any moment was a good one for a snap. Orlando Downtown


Crossing from Sky bar to the famous Vegan Nachos & Dogs was a nightly routine.


Orlando, Florida


Orlando, Florida


Orlando, Florida


Orlando, Florida


I never knew if this stand had a name but this were the best vegan nachos and dogs I’ve even had. (by the way that’s not Rolo lol – inside joke)


With Rafa, a truly Orlando friend, a guy that saw Orlando as his playground making amazing living spaces in Downtown.


How the song goes…”back in a day….”



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