Started from the bottom now we’re here

BrandingI’m excited about sharing interesting topics I have experienced during my branding story working with top agencies, design studios and legacy corporations.

As a multi-faceted designer and a 40 year old millennial I have encountered many oportunities and challenges dropped into my lap the hard way or the soft way, however the only way I get the full potency of the project and achieve success is to ground myself in my tools, my team (helpful people), have a meditative process, an agenda and a heart full of goals.
I know it’s a little cheesy, but I have worked for successful companies (like Virgin, Neiman Marcus-Bergdorf Goodman, Lion Brand Yarns, American Airlines, Coca-Cola, Coke Florida) and finding out that the holistic approach to my job starts at home and end at 5pm is crucial, so I learned that if you want all aspects of your life to succeed simultaneously there’s always a method for your science in how to standardized your execution, become more sustainable and have time for lunch and yourself. I learned some survival skills, quick execution methods and how not to multitask, instead become 3-in-1. #branding


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